Normal illustration:

The average time to finish a full body illustration is 1-2 days after I start working on it. Sometimes it may take longer. You are entitled to lineart, your character(s) with transparent background and the finished picture. 

Full-body - $90 for a character.

Half-body - $70 for a character.

Each additional figure adds $35/$45 (half/full-body) to the price.

Small illustrations:

Emotes for twitch/discord are $20 each, with $90 for a set of 5. 
Twitch panels - $30 each, with $100 for a set of 4.

For personal and limited commercial use only. PayPal only.

Step 1: Rough sketch
rough sketch

I submit several rough sketches with different poses, angles, etc. for you to choose. At this step anything can be adjusted or changed without incurring additional fees.

Step 2: Final sketch before coloring
finished sketch
I finish the rough sketch you chose. The final sketch can be adjusted, but I may decline to change the pose or angle as it would require me to redraw everything.
Step 3: Final delivery & minor adjustments

This step consists of lineart and coloring. If you want, I will add a special filter or a simple visual effect. 

Animation commission consists of a 2-4 second hand drawn loop animation. It can be either chibi (like the example) or another style. If the character(s)  I need to animate is very detail heavy, I might simplify some details in order to make the animation possible. The average time to finish an animation is 1-4 days depending on the complexity. 

Such animations are used for stream alerts, stinger transitions, animated screens for intro/outro/brb and many more. 

Animated emotes are considered headshot size, 3+ emotes cost $40 each. If you already have the artwork, I animate for $20 each emote.

I also accept animations longer than 4 seconds, which can be used in animated screens, music videos or animated videos. The price may vary depending on the complexity. 

For personal and limited commercial use only. PayPal only.

Step 1: Rough animated sketch

We discuss what exaclty you want to see and I try animate a rough sketch of an idea. If you do not like the sketch, I will draw another until we find the one you like.

Step 2: Animated lineart

I finalize the sketch and make an animated lineart. After which you may need to decide on colors, because unlike illustrations, the colors are very hard to change for the animation.

Step 3: Final delivery & minor adjustments